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24/08/2023 - 05/09/2023
what's included

Included in the price

  • Return flights Copenhagen - Narsarsuaq (Air Greenland)
  • All local transfers
  • all overnights and food in full board, with the exception of part of the snacks during the trek which have to be purchased in advance (25-40€ budget).
  • expedition gear (tents, stoves), satellite phone, emergency beacon
  • airport taxes, VAT, administrative costs
  • guiding by an Into the Arctic guide
  • pre-trip meeting in the Into the Arctic base camp


Not included

  • Travel expenses related to the travel to/from Copenhagen (flights, lodging).
  • Some of the snacks must be purchased in advance to your own taste (approx. 25-40€)
  • Travel insurance
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  • – Two expedition treks through world-class pristine wilderness.
  • – Spectacular campsites with panoramic views over giant glaciers and ice fjords.
  • – Sea kayaking & mini cruise between icebergs.
  • – 'Pioneer feeling': no trails, no bridges: we find our own track through the wilderness.
  • – Lead by an Into the Arctic guide and Greenland specialist.

We present this expedition during our info sessions.


The Southern tip of Greenland is one of the most spectacular and varied places on the island. Endless fjords crisscross the coastal mountains all the way up to the ice sheet. Huge outlet glaciers calve mammoth ice blocks which plunge into the frigid cold seawaters. This great variety of landscapes all within a short distance of one another is the perfect destination for our fantastic multi-day journeys. Sea kayaking between icebergs and off-track trekking through pristine wilderness, are all packed into two intense weeks.

Our base camp during this trip is Narsarsuaq, a tiny village situated on a narrow strip of land wedged between huge glaciers and fjords. In the mountains nearby we embark on two multi-day treks. During our first trek, our goal is to get the best panoramic views of 2 gigantic glaciers, with a view all the way up to the ice sheet itself. The campsites during this first trek are real beauties.

During the second trek, we zig-zag through the mountains towards the Eqalorutsit glacier, the largest and most active in all of South Greenland. It calves huge chunks of ice into the Nordre Sermilik fjord - last summer we witnessed a 300m iceberg break off from the glacier's front face. This is one of the world's last remaining large glaciers which is still advancing, slowly bulldozing through its surrounding green tundra landscape. From one of our favourite campsites (where we will likely spend two nights), we hike to the snout of the glacier and to an undiscovered, deep blue ice cave.

In between the two treks, we spend an afternoon sea kayaking, and enjoy a mini-cruise on iceberg-strewn fjords. During clear nights, we hope to see active aurora light up the sky. (This area is located in the most active parts of the aurora belt).

South Greenland's climate is very favorable: in this area, you will find Greenland's only real forests, and the warm summers even allow for limited agriculture and sheep farming (uncommon across the rest of Greenland). The Vikings discovered this region a millennium ago - we will visit the remains of their once flourishing civilisation, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For those who want to explore the wilderness and ice of Greenland from all different perspectives, this is a rewarding and spectacular experience.

your expedition guides

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Experienced ITA guide Departure 1

E-factor 5

An excellent physical condition is required. The remoteness and sometimes tough off-track terrain (steep climbs, boulder fields) make this trip demanding both on a physical and mental level. Although daily distances are limited (12-15km on average), the absence of trails makes our progress slow. Specific to this trip are the often short, but very steep ascents and descents in sometimes chaotic topography. Prior experience trekking in mountainous terrain is mandatory. As a rule of thumb, you should easily be able to handle 1 hour of intense endurance sports (e.g. running). We carry food for up to 6 days, with a backpack start weight of 17-20kg. Bad weather with rain and wind can significantly increase the difficulty of this trip.


Overnight camping in spacious tents (2 people/tent - we use Hilleberg Nallo 3 tents). In Narsarsuaq we will spend 2 nights in a comfortable hostel (4-person rooms) with all standard facilities.


During the trek: varied breakfasts (porridge, various kinds of cereal, coffee, hot chocolate, tea), simple lunches (fresh bread, crackers, ham & cheese), and freeze-dried expedition dinners. We provide some snacks but you will need to supplement these with some of your own (allow for a 25-40€ budget). Two extensive dinners in Narsarsuaq are included in the price, with attention to local cuisine (e.g. muskox, reindeer, arctic char, ...).


The late summer climate in South Greenland is generally favourable, with prolonged periods of stable weather. Daytime temperatures are 7-14°C on average. Light overnight frost is possible from late August onwards. Occasionally, an Atlantic depression can affect South Greenland with episodes of rain and wind.

Number of participants

Minimum 8, maximum 10.

Prior to the trip (May - June) we will organise a pre-trip meeting with the guide.

Transfer to Copenhagen

We will meet in Copenhagen and from there, fly onwards to Greenland as a group. Transport to Copenhagen and overnights in Copenhagen are not included in the trip. Due to Air Greenland's flight schedules, you will need to organise one night in Copenhagen both before and after the trip. Into the Arctic can provide a quote on request.

Personal gear

Sleeping bag (comfort temperature -4°C or below), sleeping pad, backpack, clothing. We will provide you with a full gear list a few months prior to departure.

Into the Arctic rental

Sleeping bag Cumulus Panyam 600 (-5°C comfort temperature, 1050g): 70€ for the expedition;

Sleeping pad Sea to Summit Ether XT (470g): 30€ for this expedition.

travel log

Day 1. (25/08/2023) Flight Copenhagen - Narsarsuaq - Begin first trek on Mellemlandet.

Day 2-5. Four-day trek on Mellemlandet. On Day 5 we head back to Narsarsuaq, where we spend a night in a comfortable hostel with all facilities.

Day 6. Speed boat transfer to the Nordre Sermilik area with a half-day sea kayaking excursion.

Day 7-12. Six-day trek in the mountains near Nordre Sermilik Ice Fjord, all the way up to the snout of the glacier. On Day 12 we get picked up by boat and take a mini cruise on the Qoroq Ice Fjord.

Day 13. (04/09/2023) Return flight Narsarsuaq - Copenhagen.