Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance in cooperation with Allianz Belgium.

Only for travellers with residence in Belgium.

Premie*6,5 % of the trip cost3€/day (Europe) or 7€/day (Greenland)7,9 % van de reissom (enkel Europa)
PolicyCancellation OnlyTravel SelectionExclusive Europe Selection
Cancellation€ 10.000no€ 10.000
Assistance personsno


Medical expensesnounlimitedunlimited
Repatriation expensesnounlimitedunlimited
Medical post-treatment expensesno€ 6.250€ 6.250
Search and rescue expensesno€ 6.250€ 6.250
Motorized sportsnono


Luggage insuranceno€ 1.250€ 2.000
Compensation tripno€ 1.250€ 10.000
Home assistancenoAssistance if case of serious
damage to home
Assistance if case of serious
damage to home
Car assistance (Europe)nonoyes
Kapitaal reisongevallennee€ 12.500€ 12.500
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*/ Insurance premiums and covered costs are per person.

**/ It is possible to sign up for this policy without luggage insurance; cost is 2,4€/day for Europe and 4,8€/day for Greenland. Minimum premium 25€, independent of the duration of your trip.

***/ Only for destinations in Europe. For Greenland a seperate Travel Insurance and Cancellation Insurance are required.

If you wish to use your own travel and/or cancellation insurance, please check it covers the geographic area where your expedition is taking place. Many policies do not provide coverage above the Arctic circle and/or in Greenland.