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Group size suitable for the expedition

By far the most important factor in determining the number of participants per expedition is "risk assessment": the smaller the error margin on the expedition, the fewer participants per guide. On a summer expedition in Greenland, we take up to 10 participants per group, on a winter expedition typically up to 7 to 8. On some expeditions with a very high E-factor (e.g. Svalbard) we might even limit the number of participants to 5.

In our experience, such small groups guarantee the ideal group dynamic, a must for mentally and physically challenging expeditions.

The right balance

Being able to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing conditions can make the difference between a good expedition, and an unforgettable one. We have a planned trip itinerary, but along the way, opportunities might arise to squeeze in a little extra. With a small group, we can make smarter and faster decisions in balance with the specific desires of the participants.

Expeditions in small group


Wild South Expedition

  • august/september - 13 days - 3240€
  • trek - tent - kayak

Grand Volcanic Expedition

  • august - 13 days - 2590€
  • trek - tent - hot springs

Out of the Arctic

A series of 'specials' in Southern and Central Europe and worldwide. Because there is more than just the Arctic; and off-season we also like to enjoy some warm weather and a good bottle of wine :-)

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Dressing for winter

The importance of clothing in winter is enormous. Hypothermia and frostbite are dangers not to be underestimated. With the right equipment and some tips and tricks, you'll be hit the trail safely.

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